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Gas Welding & Cutting

Hi-Lo prides itself on its versatility. We have the ability and expertise to manufacture bespoke products that are used in a vast array of industrial processes. Along with a comprehensive stock of standard gas cutting and welding equipment.


Hi-Lo produce a wide range of specialist steelwork products including nozzles, heavy duty hoses, cutting & scarfing equipment. The Hi-Lo brand, with its head office in Sheffield, UK is capable of producing high quality cutting nozzles and brass fittings for a wide range of applications, from the fabrication shop to heavy steel mill equipment.

Hi-Lo not only stocks standard gas welding and cutting equipment, but also is capable of producing special fittings for adapting non-standard equipment. We are also able to offer the design and manufacture of gas control panels and systems tailored to individual requirements.

We at Hi-Lo UK are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of customers by supplying stainless steel & nickel wires of stated quality, timely delivery and reliable services at all times.

The company has modern warehousing facilities managed by experienced and committed personnel. The quality is built into the product as a result of inspection and testing at various stages of production starting from raw material stage to finish product.

Hi-Lo UK is an ISO 9001-2000 accredited company having recently acquired stainless steel distribution rights with a company that uses state of the art technology with a strong emphasis on product quality and has customer satisfaction at the top of its list.

As a result of large capital investment ensuring continuous improvements in every aspect of the business, today Hi-Lo UK has become a very reliable source of quality stainless steel & nickel filler wire products for TIG, MIG and Submerged arc welding. Due to a large manufacturing capacity and continuous product innovations with regular upgrades of production, Hi-Lo UK has achieved economy of scale and are able to service customers who have highly diversified requirements.

With sales forecast to exceed 100 tons by the end of this financial year, Hi-Lo UK is selling almost 30% of its products internationally to its trading partners in 12 countries across the globe with this figure growing continually. With the ability to meet exact market requirements and with strict adherence to delivery schedules with individual attention given to every customer. There has never been a better time to make a change in your brand of choice and offer your customer a quality product at an affordable price.